Our studio is nestled in the heart of cosmopolitan Melbourne, Australia. The city of Melbourne is known for its thriving arts scene and diverse and eclectic bunch of musicians.

Our goal is to guide your music through its final stages of production.THG is proud of the way we work and approach audio mastering. We are neither technological luddites nor ignorant of the tried and tested methods used by mastering engineers for decades. We use the best analog and digital methods available to bring that little bit of extra charm and balance to your tracks.

Some of our services include mastering for Standard Audio CD (Red Book), digital release for downloading platforms, audio post-production, video games, live shows, dj mixes, broadcast, digital publishing and audio restoration. For the full rundown, see the 'Our Services' tab on the menu or click here.

Whether you want your mixes sent back to you as finalised files, or would like us to compile the finished product into a dynamically balanced, energetic and competitive product we encourage artists of all levels to get in touch.


THG's mastering engineer Drew Davidson has worn plenty of musical hats. He is a Southern Cross University-trained composer, real-world trained recording engineer and successful solo artist in his own right. Drew started his career in '98 (last century!) working as assistant engineer to the well-known blind musician and studio owner Ross Mcgregor, of Axent Studios in Sydney.

The effect on Drew of working and learning under Ross cannot be overstated. Axent was at the time Sydney's longest-running independent studio, having been open since the early 70's. During his time there Drew moved up from fetching coffee for ungrateful punk bands and servicing ancient 1/2" tape machines to become mix engineer, mastering engineer and project producer, working with hundreds of clients and several big names (and big egos) of the 90's and naughties.

Ross Mcgregor finally called it a day and closed the studio doors in 2002, embarking on permanent walkabout with his accordian tucked under one arm. After checking in his pockets for loose change Drew decided he could not afford to buy the studio, let alone the chair he used there everyday. Though, perhaps luckily, it was at that time Drew's own electronic dance music project 'suncontrolspecies' was taking off.

The SCS project signed to Iboga Records of Denmark and there Drew released over a hundred singles and remixes, two albums, and played gigs relentlessly as he toured the world for the next ten years. He also worked with the UK's Ministry Of Sound, Zenon Records, Open Records, YSE, Plusquam, Digital Structures, Blue Tunes, Tribal Vision, Echoplast, Galore, Midijum and many more. His music featured on Australia's Triple J and recorded live shows aired for over one-million people in Scandanavia alone.

Yet during this time, engineering and mastering remained a consuming passion, which fed a near-demented interest in boutique analog processing gear. Drew could often be found finalising mixes for other artists and also mastering compilations, albums and EPs for various labels around the world.

Now, armed with top-notch gear, a developed ear and sound technical knowledge built from over a decade of real-world experience, Drew has returned to his engineering and mastering roots with the creation of The Humble Grove.





Upload in two easy steps. First, fill out your job notes, giving us as much information as you like about your music. Then upload your zipped package and we'll get to work.

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