Here is just a sample of what our clients say:

Smooth as silk, sweet as sugar. I think it’s perfect. Thx!
Flowjob, Denmark

Sounds great. Really happy with how it's turned out & the label guys are also very happy with the result. Another tight job!
Matter, Australia

Really happy with all you’ve done. The whole mix is sounding tight and I can really hear the work you’ve done. Can’t thank you enough. The rapping sections sound heaps better. The snare is punching through just right too. What you’ve done sounds a million bucks. Every element sounds and sits better. Couldn't be happier! Nobody is going to give me the service that you do.
James Berrie, Vietnam

Its sounding fantastic :) I'm happy with how it’s come together.
Smilk, Australia

Thanks so much for your service, was a pleasure for me to work with a mastering legend like you. Good job, I´ll be back to you if need I something done! Greetings from Spain.
Blazer, Spain

I requested mastering from you and a big name mastering engineer from Switzerland. I am really happy with your work and support so I decide that I will take your masters. It has more dynamics, sounds real and human and that’s important for us. Your version sounds better on any system. You have made our track like a bomb, we dropped it in the club and the crowd was infected ;-) Thanks for your great support.
Two Suspects, Switzerland

Drew it sounds amazing, you've been such a pleasure to work with, we appreciate it so very much. 
Birds of Paradise, USA

Legend... Grade fucking A+ masters as usual mate.
Matter, Australia

They all sound effing great Drew, really well done. MASSIVE WORK! I'm blown away with the full sound. Just hearing them from mix to master, I'm learning so much about what I can do. I'm really grateful to have you do this work, it’s worth more than its weight in gold. 
Phantom Particle, Australia

More than happy with it dude, sounds great bro. Great Job!!
Tristan Barton, Australia

Definitely happy with the masters. Will give you a mention in my EP blog, and will be in touch when I have some more tracks to master.
Eartheogen, Australia

Thank you! I’m really happy with it. Sounds much much better & goes perfect alongside the other tracks. Thanks so much for your great work.
Human Element, Switzerland

Love your work on my tracks. I will definitely use your services in future. Thank you so very much. It was a pleasure.
Solarfall, Bulgaria

Just got the tracks and had a listen, I am super impressed with the quality and speed of getting it all done great job and I will be highly recommending you.
Tekdiffeye, Australia

Completely 110% happy with the master! We will be back in the near future with more tunes for you to work on :)
Ord Rede, Australia

Both myself and the producer / artist are extremely happy with your work. The bottom end is nice and warm and the mids / highs have a bit of healthy crunching that's actually working in our favor to bring out the detailing. Thanks for the extra effort, it's clearly audible. 
Jitter, India

The sound is excellent. Any further processing does not make sense! Thanks!
Multicolor, Russia

It sounds schmick bro. Super tight.
Tetrameth, Planet Gabooboo

I listened to the files, it’s amazing! I love you and want to thank you for helping me.
Euphox, France

Sounds great! Thanks for your mastering, time, and opinion!
Hellquist, Sweden

Just wanted to say awesome job! Just heard my track and I was amazed.
Chris Gardiner, Australia

We are totally happy with all the flavour you added, absolutely love it!
In The Element, Australia

Let’s say I’m pretty damn happy bro. Friggin’ fantastic! Can’t wait to see how they go down!
Funkform, Australia





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