To book a job with THG, follow these easy steps:

1. Fill out the job notes below and click submit.

2. You will be redirected to the WeTransfer website where you can then upload your package directly to us - Just remember to enter our email address when you upload the package:

No mess. No Fuss. That's it.

Please note: By submitting your material to us you are entering into an agreement with THG mastering. We will begin work on your music as it becomes available to us. By submitting job notes and using the upload package form the user is agreeing to the terms, conditions and pricing set by THG mastering. Work will not be released by us until payment is complete. Please see THG's Terms and Conditions for full details.



(note: we will ask for further information during the process if you choose 'yes')

Completion date (note: please DO NOT choose ASAP or a short timeframe if the job is not actually urgent! If there is to be a delay regarding your submission we will email you)

Please list any information you wish about your tracks. Is there something bothering you with the mix? Something you like and want to make sure we preserve? Some aspect of the final mix that we can accentuate?

Remember! Once you click submit we will receive an email with your notes and you will be re-directed to our upload page. Remember to enter our email address:











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