We use only the highest quality, industry-trusted analog and digital gear available to get a job completed. We never run 'preset' values over your sound or go forward without taking into account what the actual program material needs. Every track is different, and depending where your music or project is going to be enjoyed, different methods and 'finishes' might be needed. For example, we master audio material for:

  1. Individual tracks
  2. Single releases (usually three or four track EP's)
  3. Long-play EP's
  4. Albums
  5. Disc-box sets
  6. Audio mastering for video game sound and music
  7. Sound-scape artists
  8. Installation and multimedia creations
  9. Theatre productions
  10. School productions
  11. Corporate video presentations
  12. Voice over and music mastering for advertising firms
  13. Radio adverts
  14. Film and television scores and voice overs
  15. Audio restoration of vinyl transfers
  16. Audio restoration of cassette tape transfers
  17. Dj mixes
  18. Live show recordings

Note: We even do sub-group processing! If you are an engineer or self-producing artist, and have a great drum take, vocal take, guitar take (you get the idea), but are struggling to get that sharp, snappy or polished-feeling sound with it, why not send it to us to have a go! We'll process the files (according to the brief you supply) with our Class-A analog gear and send it back to you and you can slot it back into your song - sounding killer! We bought the gear so you don't have to.

As we say - no job is too big or too small for us. If there's something you would like to enquire about, use our quick contact form or click here.






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